Theatre for Our Community

Seasons of Theatre

With over 50 years of theatre under our belts, we are “well seasoned”.  Here is some information about our current season, and some of our previous seasons of community theatre in Markham.

2020/2021 Season

Coming soon! We hope!

2019/2020 Season

  • Hilda’s Yard A hilarious crowd-pleaser by Norm Foster, September 5-21 2019
  • The Night of January 16th A riveting courtroom drama by Ayn Rand, Nov 20-23 2019
  • The Dixie Swim Club A side-splitting splash of reality by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten, February 12-15, 2020
  • Outside Mullingar A charming romantic comedy by John Patrick Shanley, April 20 – May 1, 2020

2018/2019 Season

  • Skin Flick by Norm Foster, May 1-4, 2019
  • The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie, February 13-16, 2019
  • Calendar Girls by Tim Firth, November 14-17, 2018
  • A Bench in the Sun by Ron Clark, September 5-22, 2018