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“2 Across” by Jerry Mayer

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Agatha Christie’s “A Murder Is Announced” Adapted By Leslie Darbon

Audition Information

Auditions for A Murder is Announced – by Agatha Christie

Adapted by: Leslie Darbon

Directed by: Corrine Engelbrecht

Performed at FLATO Markham Theatre.

“A Murder is Announced” unfolds as a suspenseful two-act play with an intermission. Set in Miss Blacklock’s Victorian home. A chilling revelation spreads as news of an imminent murder reaches the ears of the residents. With the introduction of Miss Marple, Agatha Christie’s knack for unpredictable twists shines through this captivating mystery.

The narrative transports us to post-World War II England, specifically to Chipping Cleghorn. A mysterious announcement in the local newspaper sets the stage: “A murder is announced and will take place on Friday, 13 October, at Little Paddocks, at 6.30pm. Friends accept this, the only intimation.” Letitia Blacklock, the homeowner of Little Paddocks, is puzzled by this cryptic message but prepares for potential guests. At 6.30, darkness engulfs the scene, the door swings open, and a figure armed with a bright flashlight emerges. Shots ring out, leaving Miss Blacklock injured and the intruder lifeless.

Investigator Craddock leads a thorough investigation, with Miss Marple naturally lending a hand. The deceased man’s identity remains a mystery. Was he targeting someone? Was his demise intentional or accidental? As suspicions grow and dangers mount, even Miss Marple’s safety is at risk. With each clue uncovered, the situation becomes increasingly precarious.


Note: Ages for this play are approximate and casting is flexible. The most important factor of this play is authentic acting. A British accent may be required for all characters except Mitzi. Please come prepared to read with and without an accent.

Miss Marple: Lead-Mid 50s-60s: Amateur detective. Kind, shrewd, observant “She’s the finest detective God ever made… She can tell you what might have happened and what ought to have happened and even what actually did happen! And she can tell you why it happened!”.

Letitia (née, Charlotte) Blacklock: Lead- Mid 60s: Elegant woman of the world. Opinionated. Generous, has taken in Patrick, Julia, and Bunny.

Dora Bunner (Ms. Bunny): Lead-mid-late 60s: School chum of Letitia Blacklock, now her companion, often befuddled.

Mitzi: Supporting character: Mid 30’s -40’s: Cook and maid to Letitia Blacklock. Mid- European. Excitable, short-tempered and paranoid. Features are described as dark, which could refer to colouring or hair. Flexible casting.

Patrick Simmons-Supporting Character- Late 20’s: Julia’s assumed brother. Cynical Jokester.

Julia Simmons (née Emma): Supporting Character- Late 20’s: Pharmacy student. Staying with her Aunt Letitia. Beautiful and a little superficial.

Phillipa Haymes (née Pip):Late 20’s: A war widow with a young son. Works as a gardener for Letitita Blacklock. Unemotional with a spark of mischief.

Mrs Swettenham: Minor Supporting Character-Late 50’s: Resident in the Local village. Doting Mother to Edmund. Pushy but easily flustered. Likeable.

Edward Swettenham: Minor Supporting Character-Late 20’s: Son to Mrs. Swettenham. An aspiring writer. Romantic interest in Phillipa Haymes.

Inspector Craddock: Supporting Character- Late 50s: Local Police Inspector. Requires a strong presence. Irritable. Deliberate interrogator

Sargeant Mallors: Assistant to Inspector Craddock Casting is very flexible.

Rudy Scherz: Minor character- Mid 30’s: Suspect of attempted murder. Needs a strong voice & Presence. Casting is very flexible

Audition Information:

  • Monday, July 15, 2024 | 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday, July 17, 2024 | 7:00 pm
  • Callbacks (if needed) on Monday, July 22, 2024 at 7:00 pm


All auditions and rehearsals will be held at MLT’s Backstage Theatre, situated on the grounds of the Markham Museum (northwest corner of 16th Avenue and Hwy 48, Markham).

To find us, head past the gate (pedestrian entrance to the left) just beyond the parking lot. Our building is the first one on the right.

How to audition:

Reach out to Director Corrine at to schedule your audition. You will receive sides, your audition time, and a form to complete and bring to the audition.

For cancellations or lateness, please text 437 881 9984.


Start on Thursday, September 26, and continue every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening. Exact times to be confirmed.

Performance dates:

November 20-23, 2024

Crew Positions Available:

More details on crew positions will be shared soon. If interested, contact

“Rumors” by Neil Simon

Synopsis –
Four affluent couples
are invited to the upscale elegant home of their friends the Deputy Mayor of New York Charley Brock and his wife Myra , to celebrate the couples 10th wedding anniversary. A couple we never meet.
The first couple arrive to find the host Charley upstairs in his bedroom. He has accidentally shot himself in the ear lobe, and his wife Myra is missing.
The servants left the house before completing the dinner preparation .
Charley is unwilling or unable to explain what has happened. The other couples arrive , the dinner guests panic, and so the comedy of errors and Rumors begins .

4 Female
4 Male
Ages can range from 30/ 70yrs

2 POLICE OFFICERS, male and  female, ages open.

First Couple
Chris Gorman .
Lawyer. Easily flustered. She quit smoking, but when under stress craves cigarettes, stress drives her to drink more than usual.

Ken Gorman ( Chris husband)
Lawyer to Charley the home owner. Wealthy but not pretentious. Half way through the play gun shots cause him to have temporary deafness.

Second Couple.
Claire Ganz
Very concerned over appearances.Is in group therapy.   Begins the play with a swollen lip due to a car accident on the way to this dinner party.

Lenny Ganz ( Claire’s husband)
He is Charley the home owners accountant . He is Tax accountant to the very wealthy. He is distraught over the car accident they had on the way to the dinner party . Due to that he is suffering whiplash.

Couple Three
Dr Ernie Cusack
Psychiatrist, to Charley and Claire.Affable. Smokes a pipe.
Loves his wife Cookie very much. Tries to be as helpful as possible when they have to take over cooking dinner for the Other guests .

Cookie Cusack ( Ernie’s wife)
Chef.She is a celebrity. Appears on TV in her own cooking show. Eccentric and cookie( she lives up to her name ) This evening she is wearing an awful gown,  brought from Russia 60yrs ago by her Grandmother. She has a bad back , and suffers extreme back spasms. Absent minded at times. Takes over making dinner for the anniversary party.

Couple Four
Glenn Cooper , He is running for State Senate. Worries about his reputation. Struggle’s with pleasing his obsessive wife Cassie, who is convinced he is having affairs.They are on edge with each other.

Cassie Cooper ( Glens wife)
She is convinced Glenn is having an affair.Obsessed over his relationship with other women. Quick to anger. She has a quartz crystal to rub, to help calm herself down .

Police Officers appear only at the end of Act 2.

OfficerWelch ( Male)
A city police officer.He has no time for what he considers high society types.

Officer Pudney. ( Female)
Strong, but silent type.

Audition and rehearsals will be held at MLTs BACKSTAGE on the Markham Museum grounds. (northwest corner of 16th Ave & Hwy48)


Monday August 19th 7pm
Wednesday August 21st 7pm
Call backs if needed Sunday August 25th time to be announced.
You will be reading from the script, you will have the opportunity to review the scenes before auditioning.

Tuesday November 26th 7pm/ 10pm , every Tuesday and Thursday 7pm/ 10pm  , also Sunday 11am/4pm(bring your lunch)
No Rehearsals over Christmas and New Year.


You must be available for the whole week from Sunday February 9th 2025 to Sat15th
Show dates are February 12th/ 15th
There will be a matinee on Saturday 15th also the closing evening performance.

For any other information please contact GLORIA THOMAS the director at

“Wild Women of Winedale” by Jones, Hope & Wooten

Audition Information To Be Announced



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