Theatre for Our Community

Call For Directors

Are you interested in directing an MLT show during the 2024/2025 Season? We will be holding Director presentations in
May, and would like to hear from you.

Our 2024/2025 season will include:

September 11-21, 2024: 2 Across, by Jerry Mayer

A comedy that finds an unemployed free spirit and an organized psychologist battling over crossword puzzles on an early
morning train. An unpredictable and witty exploration of love and friendship.
(Cast of 2 – to be performed at Backstage, MLT’s theatre on the grounds of the Markham Museum)

November 20-23, 2024: A Murder is Announced, by Agatha Christie and adapted by Leslie Darbon

A chilling proclamation shakes Miss Blacklock’s Victorian home: a murder is imminent. With Miss Marple diving into the
fray, this is a riveting, extravagant “whodunit” with Agatha Christie’s flair for the unexpected.
(Cast of 12 – Flato Markham Theatre)

February 12-15, 2025: Rumors, by Neil Simon

As Charlie and Myra’s tenth anniversary party commences, chaos ensues. Their evening spirals delightfully out of
control in this celebrated farcical comedy.
(Cast of 10 – Flato Markham Theatre)

April 30 – May 3, 2025: The Wild Women of Winedale, by Jones Hope Wooten

Three women hit a wall when family burdens bog them down. Armed with laughter and affection, they embark on a quest to
show that age is just a number when it comes to starting a new journey.
(Flexible cast of 7 — 3 main women, with four female monologues.)

Director Presentations

You will meet (approx. 30 minutes) with members of the MLT board in order to share your vision for the play.

The style of presentation is up to you, but we would like you to share the following thoughts:

  • What is your interpretation of the script? What do you plan to do with it?
  • Share your ideas re: set / costume / sound / casting
  • Do you foresee any challenges that we might have to overcome?

PDF copies of the scripts are available upon request.

More Information?

Please contact President Judy Atherton for more information and to indicate your interest in directing for MLT!